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Things to do

  1. Admin "Find" page styling. Test adjusting admin styling to all admin pages. Related to pagelister, so tweaking necessary

  2. Target ol styling more effectively

  3. og:image integration with fallbacks, reading and writing heights and widths and alt text provision. DONE and dusted.

  4. Twitter preview and setup of fields and across templates. DONE and dusted.

  5. Decrease admin header height. DONE and dusted.

  6. Suss out how screenreaders cope with aria-current in breadcrumbs. DONE and dusted.

  7. Customize login screen. DONE and dusted.

  8. Customize admin templates to go with custom admin CSS. DONE and dusted.

  9. Upgrade core to latest release. DONE and dusted.

  10. Investigate CK5 and possible implementation

  11. Contact form. Underway. Implement Honeypots

  12. Google Analytics setup and automation. Find out how to share with editors. That was quick, no problems. Add UA to Analytics setup and process, if possible DONE and dusted. Took too long, but got it all sorted and working well.

  13. Check out analytics API v4 and see if it can be implemented without too much hassle. Offers significant improvement in terms of UX, data options and charting I think.

  14. Is the page modified accurate? Yes, based on Singapore timezone but not sure how well that filters through tbh. Tweaked last modified to work better with Australian users

  15. Check map backend for "missing" CSS and link/CSP allowance. DONE and dusted.

  16. Check out quick and easy basic form and test vs more full on version

  17. Alter breadcrumbs ol bottom margin and get rid of unnecessary role="navigation" DONE and dusted.

  18. Finish off adding additional optional labels for business (eg: ABN etc) and tweak display options to account for whether or not they are there or not. DONE and dusted.

  19. Configure Opening Hours functionality
  20. Tweak CSS for really long page names in the nav bar. Adjust line-height and should be sweet as DONE and dusted.
  21. Set latitude and longitude using rdfa meta tags and grab coordinates for gmap from them
    DONE but used microdata instead. Look at including hasMap and work out best way to include service area areaServed. DONE and dusted.
  22. Bargain! Worked little butt off to include pretty awesome map overlay cutout of service radius area where regions not covered are duller in colour. Add admin switch to confine within map bounds and to specify service area radius. DONE and dusted. Also added switches to turn service area on and off, define radius, choose info window contents and display options and lots of other map related stuff
  23. Insert a backend switch to choose international or local display for land lines and add php to switch display between two, with tel: link defined at all times by international code, if provided, falling back to Australia default of 0-prefix for Area Codes if not. DONE and dusted.
  24. Fix up map infoWindow, esp for opera with super long name DONE and dusted.
  25. Adjust CSS to account for site structure with all pages as children of index
  26. Check out whether there's an easy way to nest lists in the front editor
  27. Check out if there's a non-html way to read in and apply styles. eg: ul.tick etc DONE and dusted. More tweaking to do, but pretty damn sweet
  28. Otherwise, I guess I'll need to add examples on a demo page with code, or default define every list in main to be a tick, Not ideal. Gotta be some damn way, I can't even get source code to save styles atm DONE and dusted.
  29. Find out what dumb-arse reason means the save/cancel button at the bottom is getting "covered" by something, somewhere, making it impossible to save unless you scroll down. Maybe need to pump up z-index of DONE and dusted.
  30. Automated favicon generator? Maybe not worth worrying about? Handy if can make it work okay without too much hassle but much easier to just generate and dump into correct folder with FTP access. Not a high priority but keep eyes open for optiuons.
  31. Maybe move breadcrumbs below Heading? Done and dusted using rdfa structured data from Google
  32. Make a global breadcrumb switch. DONE and dusted
  33. Fix favicon urls for subpages DONE and dusted
  34. Add max-width from real style to ck_style so editors get a decent idea of what they will see on live site, in terms of line lengths etc. DONE and dusted
  35. Tweak CSS for display at smaller sizes and add in search bar styling earlier now things are starting to cook.
  36. Also throw in the breadcrumb styling to default, for same reason. DONE and dusted
  37. does scayt work? Yes
  38. Work out how to alter map php and maps.js to account for whether or not there is a geocoded address and whether or not there are St Address1, St Address 2 etc etc. DONE and dusted
  39. Maybe manual switch to enable location page with an automatic switch as fallback to ensure there is a gecoded address to display

Would be nice if img alt was requiredNote: changes to CKeditor display options via admin body field seems to necessitate re-applying custom styles. This is obviously not exactly ideal and in an established site with many pages could be disastrous. Maybe investigate if there are any ways around this.

Working okay, modified okay. Update okayish.


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